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“How Can We Create Time?”

We found that as our kids grew, our time with them kept getting less and less. Our oldest was becoming more involved in sports and other extracurricular activities, and it was only a matter of time before our youngest was following in his steps. We realized the only way to fully enjoy this time in their lives was to create the time we could spend with them and at their events. Our biggest question was, “How can we create time?” After evaluating our schedules and lots of prayer, we realized we were spending hours each week on laundry. It was consuming so much of our time at home with our children. We realized if just that one task was completed for us each week, we would get back several hours of time with our kids. Then we realized if this was a benefit for us, it would probably be a benefit for others, too. From this idea, Tidy Hamper was born.

At Tidy Hamper, you’re not paying someone to do your laundry, you’re buying time to spend with your families or create memories doing what you love. Our service is #1 priority to us so your families or interests can be #1 priority to you.

We don’t look at laundry as a chore; we see it as a service. Our promise is to treat each load of laundry as if it is our own clothes we are cleaning. From pick-up to delivery, you can be certain your clothes will be in good hands.

As you build your memories, please know we are honored to be a part of your lives. Our goal is to serve each family as if you are our family. We pray the time you have gained will be spent doing what you love, and we hope we are able to make your lives more comfortable.

Thank you for visiting our site and allowing us to become a part of your family. We are very excited to help you keep a Tidy Hamper.


Jeremy & Tara Heath


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